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Without hope; depressed
a) Dtached
b) Ardor
c) Stoutly
d) Despondent

Endless; tiresomely long
a) Interminable
b) Intolerable
c) Lurid
d) Altercation

Unshaken in purpose; courageous
a) Stoutly
b) Prostrate
c) Detached
d) Undaunted

Serene; free from disturbance
a) Exultant
b) Tranquil
c) Jaded
d) Assent

To reduce to a helpless position
a) Prostrate
b) Tranquil
c) Altercation
d) Detached

Unmoved by appeals for sympathy or forgiveness
a) Relentless
b) Assent
c) Tranquil
d) Intolerable

Worn out or exhausted; fatigued
a) Relentless
b) Stoutly
c) Jaded
d) Exultant

Awful or ghastly
a) Assent
b) Lurid
c) Tranquil
d) Exultant

Having a feeling of extreme joy
a) Undaunted
b) Ardor
c) Exultant
d) Relentless

Agreement or acceptance
a) Despondent
b) Lurid
c) Jaded
d) Assent

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