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Why was the French alliance a major turning point in the Revolutionary War?
a) the British were happy with support from the French
b) The French sent military supplies and loaned money to the Continental Congress which boosted American Spirits
c) The Indians and the French were friends
d) The French understood the landscape of the New World

Why were the Mecklenburg Resolves important?
a) They were the first official rejection of British rule in the colonies
b) explained the importance of citizen responsibility
c) explained why government was so important
d) because they brought peace between the colonies and Britian

Why were the colonies taxed after the French and Indian war?
a) Britain wanted more control over the colonies
b) in order to help Britain get out of debt
c) To help pay for the war and to maintain control of the Indians
d) to pay for Tyron's Palace

What was the purpose of the Sons of Liberty?
a) to help the colonies by sharing information
b) to communicate with the British
c) to help bring peace to the Colonist and the Indians
d) to protest the stamp act

Officially what was the end to the revolutionary War?
a) Treaty of Augusta
b) Declaration Independence
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Albany Plan of the Union

Who were the regulators?
a) farmers in the west that believed that corrupt officials should be better regulated
b) eastern farmers that felt that corrupt officials should be better regulated
c) British who thought the colonist should be better regulated
d) both eastern and Western Farmers that thought corrupt officials should be better regulated

What was the Edenton Tea Party?
a) Ladies in NC that supported the boycott on Tea
b) Ladies in NC that did not support the Boycott on Tea
c) Ladies that threw Tea into the Ocean
d) Ladies that honored the British that imported Tea

What did the Articles of Confederation do?
a) divided government into three parts
b) created a balance of power
c) congress could settle disputes between states
d) set up a weak federal government, gave more power to the states

At the meeting of the Continental Congress
a) SC presented the Halifax Resolves
b) it was written by Thomas Jefferson and was approved
c) Cornelius Harnett reads the Declaration of Independence to citizens in Halifax
d) All of the Above

Why did the colonist begin to boycott British goods
a) send a message of compromise to the British
b) give local colonists less competition
c) to double the amounts of imports
d) protest the Townshed Acts

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