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New Jersey's natural regions were shaped by ____.
a) glaciers
b) people
c) people from outer space
d) volcanos

The Appalachian Ridge and Valley region lies in the _____ corner of New Jersey.
a) northwestern
b) southwestern
c) eastern
d) southeastern

The Appalachian Mountain chain begins in _____ and stretches to Canada.
a) Alaska
b) Alabama
c) Arkansas
d) Lake Erie

The _____ is formed where the Delaware River cuts a deep gap, or pass, through the mountains.
a) Delaware Deep Gorge
b) Delaware Waterfalls
c) Delaware Glacier Park
d) Delaware Water Gap

The _____ region lies east of the Appalachans
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Highlands
d) Mississippi River

Many of the state's major rivers flow through the Piedmont region. These inlude the _____, the Passaic, and the Hackensack rivers.
a) Raritan
b) Mississippi
c) New York
d) East

Because of the rich soil, the Inner Coastal Plain has _____, diaries an vegetable farms.
a) mining
b) orchards
c) deserts
d) jewelry making

The _____ are a oak and pine forest in New Jersey.
a) Land of Oz
b) Piedmont Forest
c) Oaklands
d) Pinelands

The eastern edge of th Outer Coastal Plain runs along the _____.
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Great Plains

The southern tip of New Jersey is a coastal town named _____.
a) Belmar
b) Cape May
c) Seaside Heights
d) Sandy Hook

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