19-5 Question Preview (ID: 1612)

Chapter 19 Quiz 5.

What is the name of our model that proposes how our solar system formed?
a) Heliocentric model
b) Geocentric model
c) Nebular model
d) Ms. McKinnon's randomly made up model

What is a nebula?
a) Large cloud of dust and gas in space
b) Former planet
c) Former star
d) Large star

What is accretion?
a) The way planets reflect sunlight
b) When small particles collide and stick together
c) When small particles collide and repel each other
d) When nothing happens

How did accretion form the planets?
a) By bouncing particles off into space
b) by collecting more stars
c) by collecting more material and growing bigger
d) by collecting more gas and starting a fire

What are the four rocks in space?
a) Planets, stars, comets, and clouds
b) Planets, stars, asteroids, and comets
c) Stars, asteroids, clouds, and dust
d) Meteors, asteroids, comets, and satellites

What is the difference between a meteoroid and a meteorite?
a) Meteoroids enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up, meteorites collide with Earth's surface
b) Meteorites enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up, meteoroids collide with Earth's surface.

Why do comets have long tails?
a) Because they have a large following of space particles
b) As they near the sun, the radiation heats up the comet giving off gases in the form of a long tail
c) Because the comet is melting
d) Because the comet is mishapen

Where do comets orbit?
a) Kuiper belt
b) Asteroid belt
c) Oort cloud
d) Around the gas giants

Most meteoroids are which type?
a) Stony
b) Stony-iron
c) Metallic
d) Metallic-iron

Describe how the moon formed.
a) Same as the other planets
b) Same as the other satellites
c) Earth lost part of its mantle
d) A Mars-sized object collided with Earth causing it to lose part of its mantle which started to orbit the Earth

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