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La Agencia de Viajes
a) travel agency
b) roundtrip ticket
c) passport
d) to go on vacation

a) to take a trip
b) to confirm a flight
c) to travel
d) to board

El Boleto
a) flight
b) ticket
c) arrival
d) to get in line

El Aeropuerto
a) departure
b) gate
c) suitcase
d) airport

El Reclamo de Equipaje
a) baggage claim
b) to go through customs
c) arrival
d) passenger

La Puerta
a) screen
b) gate
c) identification
d) itinerary

La Llegada
a) passenger
b) bathing suit
c) to take a taxi
d) arrival

La Salida
a) departure
b) train station
c) tourist office
d) bus stop

La Parada de Autobús
a) travel agent
b) to confirm a flight
c) bus stop
d) to call someone (by phone)

Hacer la Maleta
a) to travel
b) to pack a suitcase
c) passport
d) passport

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