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Why is it rare for a theory to be thrown out entirely? (For example if a new piece of evidence doesn't fit.)
a) Because theories are facts based on observations of the natural world.
b) It is not worth the effort of re-writing a theory since not all scientists accept it anyway.
c) The theory has been supported and confirmed by the scientific community with evidence, so it is practical to just modify it
d) It is wise to adjust the theory and wait for more testing to see if the new evidence shows that it should be deleted entirely

Why do scientific theories change?
a) one experimental test gives new evidence that has proved the theory to be wrong or inadequate
b) new information is offered that doesn't fit the current theory and has been validated with repeated testing
c) there are more people who disagree with the theory than agree with it
d) a new hypothesis is offered by a scientist that makes more scientific sense than the current theory

Which of the following is an example of a theory?
a) The Northern Hemisphere experiences a significant ice age every 10,000 to 20,000 years
b) Matter cannot be created or destroyed
c) The continents drift at a rate of 1 – 12 inches per year.
d) Heat can cause matter to change form by accelerating particles, leading to a phase change or chemical reaction.

Why do scientists review and replicate their peers' work?
a) to ensure that the data is accurate and its interpretation is properly done
b) to draw conclusions on whether the scientist performed the experiment correctly
c) To find out if the scientist is intelligent
d) to take their ideas, improve upon them and take credit for the findings

This is a scientific explanation based on many observations during repeated experiments:
a) theory
b) model
c) law
d) hypothesis

This is a scientific explanation is a basic fact that describes the behavior of natural phenomenon:
a) theory
b) model
c) law
d) hypothesis

A scientific law or theory is discarded if
a) after a certain number of years, at which time a scientist may try to reestablish it with new tests.
b) no one uses it in a scientific paper for over fifty years.
c) a committee of scientists says so.
d) it is contradicted by new, supported experimental findings.

Which of the following would be most likely to be believed by the scientific community?
a) a single experiment that has not been replicated
b) an experiment that has been replicated once with the same results
c) an experiment that has been replicated twice with the same results
d) an experiment that has been replicated 10 times with the same results

Most people in 1492 believed the Earth was flat. Columbus looked for a new trade route. Which of the following would be an appropriate model for Columbus to use to navigate the Atlantic Ocean?
a) By knowing the radius of the Earth, one could calculate its circumference (C = 2 * Pi * r) and thus plan an expedition to h
b) Bring a map or sketch of the known Earth and add the features they encounter as they explore
c) Estimate the size of the Earth using an apple and scientific notation in order to determine how long it would take to circle
d) Make a map and plan a route by using the position of the stars

Models in science can be a math equation, computer program, or a physical representation.
a) True
b) False

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