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You want to flip a picture
a) rotate
b) handles
c) size
d) shrink

You want to make 3 seperate pictures into one picture
a) flip horizontal
b) flip vertical
c) wrap text
d) group

You want to move a picture on top of a shape, which wrap text
a) square
b) tight
c) in front of text
d) through text

I want a shape of an arrow, which group
a) insert
b) arrange
c) font
d) illustration

The lage capital A indicates
a) theme
b) font
c) shrink font
d) grow font

When you change a theme to APEX, how do you know that it took into effect
a) change in the font
b) change in the font size
c) change in the font color
d) change in the styles

You want ot change the top margin to 1 in, which tab
a) file
b) home
c) insert
d) page layout

When you add a shape into Word, your pointer turns into a
a) arrow
b) cross hair
c) minus sign
d) stays the same

You have a table and want to move from one row to another.. how
a) tab key
b) enter keys
c) arrow keys
d) tab and arrow keys

When you add a table, which 2 new tabs appear
a) design and layout
b) format and file
c) format and design
d) nsert and illustrations

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