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Dividend Reinvestment: Ex .A person owns a stock that pays a $2.00 a share dividend. If the person chooses to reinvest that dividend, this means that the $2.00 will go toward buying
a) Rule of 72
b) 60 days
c) By more of the Same
d) Roth IRA

Groups of stocks, bonds, and other investments managed by an investment firm
a) Stock Index
b) Margin
c) Mutual fund
d) penalty

Are insured by National Credit Union Association (NCUA)
a) daily
b) Credit unions
c) Roth IRA
d) Regular

Function as cash and are easily replaced if lost
a) Travelers checks,
b) Rule of 72
c) Credit unions
d) Barter

consumer reports the theft or loss of an ATM or debit card within two business days, he/she is liable for not more than $50 of unauthorized purchases. If reported within 60 days, the consumer is liable for up to $500 of unauthorized purchases.
a) Compounded interest
b) Credit unions
c) Electronic Fund Transfer Act
d) The Federal Reserve

If you have been denied credit, a job, a license, an insurance policy, or a loan based on your credit report. You are entitled to receive a free copy of that credit report within how many days of denial?
a) 60 day
b) 1 year
c) 1 day
d) Never

Before the Kiss Corporation can issue stocks or bonds, it must register the issue with:
a) Electronic Fund Transfer Act
b) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
c) Department store charge cards.
d) Series EE Savings Bonds

S P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq are examples of ___________
a) Roth IRA
b) Mutual fund
c) Stock Index
d) CD

Which of the following is considered to be open-end credit
a) Travelers checks,
b) more of the same stock.
c) Series EE Savings Bonds
d) Department store charge cards.

issued by the U.S. government and are sold for 50% of their face value and are exempt from taxes
a) Interest Bearing
b) Diversification
c) Series EE Savings Bonds
d) Credit unions

The brokerage firm is lending you money to buy stocks when you are buying on________
a) Margin
b) daily
c) bank
d) Barter

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