Math Chapter 1 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 16096)

Vocabulary Words For Chapter 1. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The way of writing a number as the sum of the values of its digits.
a) standard form
b) expanded form
c) decimal
d) word form

A period separating the ones and the tenths in a decimal number.
a) decimal
b) period
c) place value
d) decimal point

A system for writing numbers. In this system, the position of a digit determines its value.
a) place value
b) standard form
c) place-value chart
d) expanded form

A number that has a digit in the tenths place, hundredths place, and/or beyond.
a) decimal point
b) place value
c) decimal
d) word form

Decimals that have the same value.
a) equivalent decimals
b) decimals
c) standard form
d) place value

A chart that shows the value of the digits in a number.
a) multiplication chart
b) place value
c) standard form
d) place-value chart

The usual or common way to write a number.
a) word form
b) standard form
c) expanded form
d) addition problem

Any one of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3...
a) partial number
b) decimal
c) whole number
d) giant numbers

The name given to each group of three digits in a place-value chart.
a) group
b) period
c) millions
d) decimals

The position of a digit in a number.
a) place
b) spot
c) word form
d) whole number

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