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What gives Uranus and Neptune its bluish color?
a) Sulfuric acid
b) methane gase
c) hydrochloric acid
d) propane gas

Pluto is always the furthest planet?
a) True
b) False

According to Aristotle's model, where was Earth positioned
a) On the outside
b) In the center
c) where it is now
d) He said planets orbit in perfect circles

Who said that the sun was the center of our solar system
a) Copernicus
b) Aristotle
c) Kepler
d) Newton

What is the name of the sun-centered model
a) Nebular model
b) Copernicus's model
c) geocentric model
d) heliocentric model

How did Ptolemy propose that the planets orbited?
a) Ellipses
b) Perfect circles
c) they didn't orbit
d) He said the sun was at the center

Who said that the planets orbited in ellipses?
a) Newton
b) Aristotle
c) Kepler
d) Copernicus

What was Newton's contribution?
a) Discovered gravity
b) Discovered the sun at the center
c) Discovered the Earth at the center
d) Discovered that the planets orbit in ellipses

How old is our solar system?
a) 4.6 million years
b) 4.6 billion years
c) 3.6 million years
d) 3.6 billion years

What did the sun form out of?
a) Gas and dust
b) another star
c) a collision with a mars sized body
d) big bang

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