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My friend _____ likes to sit on the VERANDA
a) Fred
b) Brenda
c) Mark
d) Kyle

If you fall when you RACE, then you might end up in a ___
a) Rat
b) room
c) brace
d) take

I just get so MAD when I talk with____
a) Brad
b) Mason
c) Mom
d) Sam

I just hate it when someone FAKES with their
a) broom
b) lights
c) highlights
d) brakes

On my grandpa's RANCH there is a tree with a long
b) branch

It was so SLICK that I ran into a ____ wall
a) smooth
b) rubber
c) dry
d) brick

A a friend of the ____ I chose the right SIDE.
a) left
b) smooth
c) bride
d) cute

Oh Mom, PLEASY may we go to the beach?! Its so nice and ____
a) cool
b) wet
c) Breezy
d) hungry

You can't get your TOKEN, the machine is
a) working
b) broken
c) moving
d) sleeping

I wish I had ANOTHER _____
a) kid
b) bear
c) brother
d) fair

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