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The planned killing of the Jews by Hitler and the Nazis.
a) Holocaust
b) Genocide
c) Murder
d) WWI

Strong feelings of loyalty to one's nation.
a) Europeanism
b) Nationalism
c) Imperialism
d) Americanism

A rivalry between the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union from the 1940's-1990's.
a) World War I
b) World War II
c) Cold War
d) Civil War

An agreement between nations to help each other.
a) Empire
b) Communism
c) Nationalism
d) Alliance

Peace agreement that ended WWI.
a) Treaty Among Friends
b) Capitalism
c) Treaty to Stop War
d) Treaty of Versailles

An economic and political system where the government controls everything.
a) capitalism
b) democracy
c) communism
d) genocide

The planned killing of a race of people.
a) holocaust
b) genocide
d) capitalism

Economic system in which private individuals control the factors of production.
a) Capitalism
b) Communism
c) Autocracy
d) Empire

Territory controlled by people from a foreign land.
a) colony
b) genocide
c) Cold War
d) Holocaust

A system in which a central power controls a number of territories.
a) genocide
b) democracy
c) empire
d) alliance

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