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Fashion acceptance or rejection is determined by:
a) Advertisers.
b) Consumers
c) Designers
d) Retailers.

Cultural and religious customs, bad economic conditions, and government regulations are factors that:
a) Accelerate fashion movement.
b) End the fashion cycle.
c) Have no effect on fashion.
d) Slow down fashion movement.

Designs which are copied from more expensive garments are:
a) Classics.
b) Fads
c) Knock-offs
d) Staples

At the introduction stage of the fashion cycle, new styles are:
a) Bargain priced to encourage quick sale.
b) Produced in large quantities in anticipation of an immediate rush of sales.
c) Purchased in large numbers by retail fashion buyers.
d) Usually accepted by only a small number of fashion leaders.

Fashion trends seem to recur every:
a) 10-20 years.
b) 20-30 years.
c) 30-40 years.
d) 40-50 years.

At which stage of the fashion cycle is a style accepted and worn by the majority of consumers?
a) Decline
b) introduction
c) peak
d) rise

Good economic conditions:
a) Accelerate fashion movement.
b) Decelerate fashion movement.
c) Have little effect on fashion acceptance.
d) Result in consumers having less discretionary money.

Jeans, once worn by laborers as a work garment and later adopted by teens as streetwear, have now become popular among all ages and income levels. Which fashion movement theory is illustrated?
a) Horizontal flow B. Trickle-across C. Trickle-down D. Trickle-up
b) trickle-across
c) trickle-down
d) Trickle-up

Which would decelerate fashion movement?
a) A higher percentage of citizens completing four years of college
b) A strong economy and low rate of unemployment
c) Development of new textile fibers and finishes
d) Terrorist activity in the United States

A fashion expected to be a hot seller but which does not sell is a:
a) classic
b) fad
c) flop
d) trend

At which stage of the fashion cycle is a trend considered dull and boring because the market is saturated?
a) decline
b) introduction
c) peak
d) rise

Leather jackets were first popular among lower income groups and then gained acceptance from the higher income groups. Which fashion movement theory is illustrated?
a) Horizontal flow B. Trickle across C. Trickle down D. Trickle-up
b) trickle-across
c) trickle-down
d) trickle-up

During the rise stage of the fashion cycle:
a) Consumers start to lose interest in the trends.
b) Promotion is focused on closeout pricing.
c) Retail fashion buyers order the items in quantity.
d) The price of the fashion goes up because of the increased demand.

Which is true about the fashion cycle?
a) Fads skip the rise and decline stages.
b) Flops go through only the introduction stage.
c) Only classics go through all five stages.
d) Styles that come into fashion rotate through all five stages.

Fashion followers:
a) Are the first to purchase and wear new styles.
b) Like fashions that are unique and distinctive.
c) Make most of their clothing purchases during the introduction stage.
d) Wear a new style only after it is widely accepted.

Short-lived fashions are:
a) Classics.
b) Designs
c) Fads
d) Flops

At which stage of the fashion cycle does consumer interest grow and the fashion become accepted by more people?
a) Decline stage
b) Introduction stage
c) obsoescence stage
d) Rise stage

Which would MOST LIKELY accelerate the fashion movement?
a) Angela’s promotion to a job with more administrative responsibility and higher pay
b) Carla’s confirmation into a religious group that discourages personal adornment
c) Government regulations that restrict the use of synthetic fibers in clothing
d) Military conflict between the United States and China

Reversals or abrupt changes in fashion styles are a result of:
a) Fashion extremes.
b) Flops
c) Knock-off designs
d) Seasonal Fads

Celeste typically purchases fashions when the prices are most expensive. In which stage of the fashion cycle is she buying?
a) Introduction
b) Obsolescence
c) Peak
d) Rise

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