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Find the noun: The dog ran quickly.
a) quickly
b) ran
c) dog
d) none of the above

Find the noun: The scared girl hurried down the dimly light path.
a) path
b) scared
c) down
d) hurried

Find the noun: The teacher was happy when the students correctly underlined the noun.
a) happy
b) correctly
c) was
d) none of the above

Find the verb: The cat played.
a) played
b) cat
c) the
d) none of the above

Find the verb: Mondays are a beautiful day, especially during the school year.
a) year
b) Mondays
c) are
d) none of the above

Find the verb: The grumpy old man coughed and spat.
a) grumpy
b) old
c) man
d) none of the above

Find the adjective: I love delicious pizza.
a) pizza
b) delicious
c) love
d) none of the above

Find the adjective: Tomorrow will be another beautiful day in Colorado.
a) beautiful
b) be
c) Colorado
d) tomorrow

Find the adjective: She was a lovely young girl, very full of life and energy.
a) young
b) girl
c) life
d) energy

Find the noun: Mr. Fallin angrily kicked the ball into the screaming crowd.
a) kicked
b) angrily
c) screaming
d) Mr. Falling

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