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What happens to the intensity of light as you get farther from the light source?
a) its brightness remains the same
b) its brightness decreases
c) its brightness increases
d) it changes color

Unlike sound, light energy can travel through _____________.
a) A vacuum
b) a lead block
c) a steel door
d) a piece of cardboard

The volume of a sound is determined by the intensity of its vibrations. Which sound has the loudest volume?
a) lawnmorwer (100 db)
b) chain saw (115 db)
c) vacuum cleaner (75 db)
d) noisy restaurant (80 db)

How does the speed of light compare to the speed of sound?
a) The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound
b) The speed of sound is faster than the speed of light
c) The speed if sound and the speed of light are equal
d) The speed of light is slower than the speed of sound

Which type of wave is causes by the vibration of matter?
a) microwaves
b) infrared waves
c) sound waves
d) light

A transmitter on the moon emits sound and light waves to a reciever on Earth. The light waves are picked up by the receiver but the sound waves are not. This happens because _______________.
a) the atmoshpere absorbs sound
b) sound cannot travel through the vacuum
c) sound gets scattered before it reaches Earth
d) sound takes a very long time to cover the distance.

In which medium will sound travel the slowest?
a) air
b) water
c) glass
d) salt water

A honeybee flaps its wings at 225 flaps per second, a bumblebee flaps its wings at 125 flaps per second, and a mosquito flaps its wings at 600 flaps per second, In terms of pitch which choice aranges them lowest to highest?
a) Bumblebee, mosquito, honeybee
b) bumblebee, honeybee, mosquito
c) mosquito, honeybee, bumblebee
d) honeybee, bumblebee, mosquito

If you increase the amplitude of a sound wave the sound becomes __________.
a) higher
b) softer
c) lower
d) louder

The amplitude of a wave refers to how _____ the wave is.
a) round
b) weak
c) long
d) high

As an airplane travels across the sky, its sound seems to come from some place behind it. What causes this?
a) The plane is so far away that it takes the sound time to reach the ground.
b) The sound of the plane comes out of the back of the plane.
c) The plane is traveling so fast that it leaves the sound behind.
d) The plane is not really making the sound.

A police car's siren changes in frequency as the car travels away. What happens to the sound's frequency?
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it does not chage
d) it increases

What is the distance between two neighboring wave crests called?
a) frequency
b) amplitude
c) trough
d) wavelength

Which wave series would have the lowest frequency?
a) 10 waves in 1 second
b) 30 waves in 10 seconds
c) 120 waves in 1 minutes
d) 60 waves in 60 seconds

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