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If the brain is not properly hydrated, ___________________.
a) short-term memory is reduced
b) you may get headaches
c) long-term memory recall is reduced
d) all of these

What name is given to substances that resist changes in pH?
a) salts
b) bases
c) sugars
d) buffers

Household bleach _______________ than household ammonia .
a) has a higher H+ concentration
b) has a lower H+ concentration
c) is more acidic
d) has 100 times higher H+ concentration

The lower the pH of a solution, the ______.
a) higher the OH— concentration
b) less toxic the solution
c) more acidic the solution
d) greater the number of oxygen atoms

A base ____________.
a) removes H2O molecules from a solution
b) removes H+ ions from a solution
c) decreases the pH of a solution
d) removes OH- ions from a solution

Sugar dissolves when stirred into water. The sugar is the ______, the water is the ______, and the sweetened water is the ______.
a) solute... solvent... solution
b) solution... solute... solvent
c) solvent... solute... solution
d) solution... solvent... solute

Sweating cools your body by ______.
a) radiation
b) hydrogen bonding
c) cohesion
d) evaporative cooling

As water freezes, ______.
a) it loses its polarity
b) its molecules move farther apart
c) its hydrogen bonds break apart
d) it cools the surrounding environment

Why (if you are careful) are you able to float a needle on the surface of water?
a) The covalent bonds that hold a water molecule together are responsible for this ability
b) Water has adhesive properties.
c) The surface tension that is a result of water's cohesive properties makes this possible.
d) A single needle is less dense than water.

Human body cells are approximately ______ water.
a) 70-95%
b) 25-35%
c) 50-55%
d) 90-95%

The tendency of molecules of the same kind to stick together is called ______.
a) polarity
b) bonding
c) adhesion
d) cohesion

People who exercise regularly ___________________.
a) can increase their IQ scores
b) can learn faster than couch potatoes
c) react to stress better
d) all of these

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