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Adjacent water molecules are joined by ______ bonds.
a) hydrogen
b) ionic
c) covalent only
d) polar and covalent

What name is given to bonds that involve the sharing of electrons?
a) ionic
b) polar
c) hydrogen
d) covalent

Why is water considered a polar molecule?
a) The oxygen end of the molecule has a slight negative charge, and the hydrogen end has a slight positive charge.
b) The oxygen is found between the two hydrogens.
c) Both hydrogens are at one end of the molecule, and oxygen is at the other end.
d) The oxygen atom attracts the hydrogen atoms.

An atom with an electrical charge is a(n) ______.
a) molecule
b) isotope
c) ion
d) compound

The bond between oppositely charged ions is a(n) ______ bond.
a) polar
b) hydrogen
c) ionic
d) covalent

The second electron shell of an atom can hold a maximum of ______ electron(s).
a) 2
b) 8
c) 6
d) 1

Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7; therefore, it has ______ electrons in its outermost electron shell.
a) 18
b) 10
c) 2
d) 5

Isotopes of an element have the same number of ______ and different numbers of ______.
a) electrons... protons
b) protons... electrons
c) protons... neutrons
d) neutrons... protons

How do radioactive isotopes differ from isotopes?
a) Radioactive isotopes have more neutrons than do isotopes.
b) Radioactive isotopes are unstable; isotopes are stable.
c) Radioactive isotopes have fewer neutrons than do isotopes.
d) Radioactive isotopes are stable; isotopes are unstable.

The way Earth moves about the sun is most like ______.
a) an electron moving around the nucleus of an atom
b) a proton moving about an electron
c) a neutron moving about a proton
d) a neutron and electron moving around a proton

Beryllium's atomic mass is 9 and its atomic number is 4. How many neutrons are found in a beryllium atom?
a) 4
b) 13
c) 9
d) 5

An atom's ______ are found in its nucleus.
a) protons only
b) neutrons and electrons
c) protons and neutrons
d) electrons, protons, and neutrons

Which of the following elements, essential to life, is a trace element?
a) carbon
b) calcium
c) phosphorus
d) iodine

An atom with a positive charge has ______.
a) more protons than electrons
b) more neutrons than protons
c) more electrons than protons
d) more protons than neutrons

All atoms of an element have the same number of ______.
a) protons plus neutrons
b) protons
c) electrons
d) neutrons

The hydrogen atoms and oxygen atom of a water molecule are held together by ______ bonds.
a) osmotic
b) covalent
c) hydrogen
d) electron

The four most common elements found in living things are
a) carbon, oxygen, potassium, and calcium.
b) oxygen, calcium, hydrogen, and carbon.
c) carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.
d) nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and carbon.

______ is an example of an element.
a) Water
b) Glucose
c) Carbon
d) Salt

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