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Rashid solved the equation below in one step to find the solution for x.
a) Add 17 to the left side and add 17 to the right side.
b) Add 17 to the left side and subtract 17 from the right side.
c) Subtract 17 from the left side and add 17 to the right side.
d) Subtract 17 from the left side and subtract 17 from the right side.

Which of the following is both a multiple of 6 and a factor of 72?
a) 12
b) 30
c) 42
d) 54

If Arthur’s average math test score is 87.036, what is that in word form?
a) eighty-seven thousand thiry-six
b) eighty-seven and thirty-six tenths
c) eighty-seven and thirty-six hundredths
d) eighty-seven and thirty-six thousandths

The Cinema III Theater charges $3.45 for tickets for the 3:00 oclock mattinee. Saturday the theater sold 246 tickets. How much did the theater make?
a) $621.50
b) $738.00
c) $922.50
d) $9,225.00

Beverly was asked to solve the equation below for homework. 2n=16. How did she solve for n.
a) She added both sides by 2
b) She subtracted both sides by 2
c) She divided the left by 2 and multiplied the right by 2
d) She divided both sides by 2

On a shopping trip, Tamaris bought two sweaters, a pair of pants and three pairs of socks. They were all on sale. The pants were $12.50. The sweaters were $8.30. The socks were $50. How much did she get back in change from her $50?
a) $30.60
b) $18.40
c) $19.40
d) $17.40

Determine how Holly solved the following equation: 29 + x = 312
a) Solve by multiplying both sides by 29
b) Solve by subtracting both sides by 31
c) Solve by subtracting the left side by 29 and adding the 29 to the right side
d) Solve by subtracting 29 from left and subtracting 29 from the right side.

Select the following group of prime numbers
a) 23, 31, 35, 41
b) 1, 3, 5, 7
c) 3, 9, 15, 29
d) 59, 73, 97, 2

If 5,876 students were divided into 26 groups, how many students would be in each group?
a) 26
b) 226
c) 260
d) 261

Which equation is equivalent to 40 x 8 = d
a) 40 - d = 8
b) 8d = 40
c) d + 8 = 40
d) d/40 = 8

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