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What causes craters on moons and planets?
a) Dinosaurs
b) Meteor collisions
c) Solar flares
d) Magnetism

What causes the phases of the moon?
a) The orbit of the sun, earth, and moon
b) The orbit of the moon, mercury, and earth
c) The orbit of the moon, mars, and earth
d) The orbit of the terrestrial planets

What are the two types of eclipses?
a) Australis and Borealis
b) Borealis and Lunar
c) Australis and Solar
d) Solar and Lunar

How does the moon affect the tides?
a) By its reflection
b) By Earth's gravitational pull
c) By being close
d) By its gravitational pull

What are the 4 terrestrial planets?
a) Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
b) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
c) Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
d) Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Pluto

What is the defining characteristic of the terrestrial planets?
a) Rocky like Earth
b) Lack a solid surface
c) Have thick atmospheres
d) Have many satellites

How do we define distances in the solar system?
a) according to distance from the sun to the moon
b) according to the distance from the sun to the earth
c) according to the distance from the sun to mercury
d) according to the distance from the sun to venus

Why is venus so hot?
a) Close to the sun
b) Have a thin atmosphere
c) Have no atmosphere
d) Runaway greenhouse affect

How does venus rotate
a) Same direction of the other planets
b) Opposite direction of the other planets
c) Vertically
d) Horizontally

What is the name for all of the water, frozen and liquid, on Earth?
a) Hydrosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Watersphere
d) H20sphere

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