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Which of the following is NOT a clue that a chemical change has occurred?
a) change in color
b) production of a gas
c) formation of a precipitate
d) change in shape

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) ice melting
b) ice being carved
c) water boiling
d) water breaking down into H and O

Which of the following is a clude of a chemical change?
a) iron changes color when heated
b) gas bubbles form in boiling water
c) balls of wax form when melted wax is poured into ice water
d) a gas forms when vinegar and baking soda are mixed

Which of the following substances is a compound?
a) copper
b) water
c) oxygen
d) don't pick me

Which of these groups of letters could be used as a symbol for an element?
a) HF
b) Cm
c) Car
d) fe

Which of these properties is a chemical property of sulfur?
a) yellow
b) flammable
c) brittle
d) soft

Which of the following is not a common type of evidence for a chemical change?
a) a change of state
b) a color change
c) a gas produced
d) a precipitate formed

The ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering
a) viscosity
b) malleability
c) density
d) flammability

The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas.
a) Melting point
b) density
c) boiling point
d) viscosity

The resistance of a liquid to flowing.
a) boiling point
b) conductivity
c) flammability
d) viscosity

The ability to allow heat to flow
a) conductivity
b) viscosity
c) density
d) flammability

The ratio of the mass of a substance to its volume
a) flammability
b) conductivity
c) density
d) melting point

The temperature at which a subsance changes from a solid to a liquid.
a) boiling point
b) melting point
c) flammability
d) conductivity

The element symbol C represents
a) Calcium
b) Carbon
c) Chlorine
d) Chromium

The element symbol Al represents
a) Argon
b) gold
c) silver
d) aluminum

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