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1 meter is equal to how many centimeters?
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 10
d) 1

WHich is longer?
a) 1 mile
b) 1 km
c) 1 m
d) 1 mm

How many millimeters are in a meter?
a) 1000
b) 100
c) 10
d) .001

What instrument is used to measure liquid volume?
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Triple Beam Balance
c) Meter Stick
d) Scale

1 milliliter is equal to:
a) 1 cc
b) 10 centimeters
c) 1 meter
d) 1 centimeter squared

Which of the followint is not a physical property
a) flammability
b) ductility
c) Maleability
d) Conductivity

What is the correct orde of units for the metric system?

What is the metric unit for measuring length?
a) meter
b) gram
c) liter
d) celsius

What is the amount of matter in an object called?
a) mass
b) weight
c) matter
d) bulk

What is the formula for density?
a) D= m/v
b) M=D/V
c) D = V/M
d) V = M/D

The volume oif a solid is measured in what units?
a) Centimeters Cubed
b) Centimeters Squared
c) mL squared
d) mL cubed

1 penny is about 1 mm thick. How many centimers would a stack of 10 pennies be?
a) 1 cm
b) 10 cm
c) 100 cm
d) 5 cm

When using a graduated cylinder you must measure from the bottom of what?
a) the meniscus
b) the bubble
c) the meninges
d) the capillaries

Weight is measured in what unit?
a) Newtons
b) Grams
c) Mass
d) Pounds

Place the followint items in order from most massive to least massive: a) an elephant b) a hamster c) a skyscraper d) the moon
a) D, C, A, B
b) A, B, C, D
c) B, C, D, A
d) D, A, C, B

What is the metric measurement for temperature?
a) Celsius
b) Kilocelisius
c) Fahrenheit
d) Degrees

Which is longer?
a) 1 km
b) 100 m
c) 1000 cm
d) 5 hectometers

What is the best unit for measuring the length of an eyelash?
a) mm
b) cm
c) m
d) km

What is the best unit for measuring the distance between two ciities?
a) km
b) m
c) mm
d) cm

What is the best unit for measuring a stick of spaghetti?
a) cm
b) m
c) mm
d) km

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