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another name for the turret
a) nosepiece
b) eyepiece
c) ocular lens
d) objective lens

Why we don't want air bubbles in wet mount slides
a) ruins the specimen
b) hurts the specimen
c) blocks view ofthe specimen
d) kills the specimen

another name for the eyepiece
a) turret
b) ocular lens
c) objective lens
d) base

what is changed in an experiment
a) control
b) constant
c) materials
d) variable

put this on the specimen when using liquid
a) stage clips
b) slide
c) cover slip
d) saran wrap

objective lenses are found here
a) eyepiece
b) turret
c) arm
d) stage

Why do we display data in a chart?
a) to analyze it
b) to collect it
c) to complete the experiment
d) to have fun

form that the problem is written in
a) statement
b) question
c) exclamatory sentence

3rd step of the scientific method
a) problem
b) hypothesis
c) experiment
d) analyze data

6th step of the scientific method
a) problem
b) hypothesis
c) conclusion
d) experiment

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