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how to write a hypothesis
a) I believe this will happen...
b) I know... because...
c) I think... because...

55.6 cm = __________m
a) 5,560m
b) .556m
c) 5.56m
d) .0556m

what stays the samein an experiment
a) control
b) variable
c) materials
d) specimen

The distance from CMS to RL is approximately .25 mile.
a) measure
b) estimate
c) infer
d) classify

I wash dark clothes separate from light clothes.
a) hypothesize
b) infer
c) estimate
d) classify

His shirt has about 20 buttons.
a) measure
b) predict
c) estimate
d) classify

The weather is rainy.
a) observe
b) classify
c) predict
d) measure

The car was moving at 35 mph.
a) estimate
b) measure
c) hypothesize
d) classify

A hypothesis is an _______ guess.
a) effective
b) educated
c) actual
d) afflicted

type of microscope used in class
a) stereoscope
b) electron
c) compound
d) magnifying glass

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