Grammar Review Question Preview (ID: 16051)

3rd Grade Grammar Review Over Nouns, Verbs, Sentences And Fragments, Subject/predicate, Types Of Sentences, And Plural Nouns. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a noun?
a) a person
b) a place
c) a thing
d) all of the answers

A ___________ shows what the person, place, thing, animal, or idea is doing.
a) verb
b) nouns
c) adjective
d) pronoun

A ___________ sentence tells a statement.
a) interrogative
b) declarative
c) imperative
d) exclamatory

A __________ sentence asks a question.
a) imperative
b) exclamatory
c) declarative
d) interrogative

AA ___________ sentence shows strong feeling or excitement.
a) interrogative
b) declarative
c) exclamatory
d) declarative

A _________ noun means two or more.
a) singular
b) plural
c) common
d) proper

A ________ noun means one.
a) proper
b) common
c) plural
d) singular

A _________ noun can not be touched, heard, seen, tasted, or smelled.
a) proper
b) plural
c) concrete
d) abstract

The __________ is the who, the what the sentence is about.
a) subject
b) predicate
c) none of the answers
d) both subject and predicate

A __________ noun is any noun that can be observed byone or all of the five senses.
a) proper
b) concrete
c) abstract
d) plural

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