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Which tab is the thesuarus
a) References
b) Review
c) Proofing
d) Home

Which tab are citations located
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page Layout
d) References

Which tab are margins located
a) home
b) References
c) proofing
d) page layout

The font/font size can be changed in the font group. What other group can I make the other changes
a) styles
b) paragraph
c) page background
d) proofing

Which group is line spacing located
a) home
b) page layout
c) paragraph
d) insert

Which tab and group is clipboard located
a) home/clipboard
b) Insert/page layout
c) home/paragraph
d) Review/Proofing

A clipboard holds up to how many items
a) 14
b) 24
c) 34
d) 44

Which tab is the header located
a) Design
b) page layout
c) Insert
d) home

Which tab is page number located
a) References
b) Home
c) Proofing
d) Insert

Which tab is spelling and grammar located
a) References
b) Review
c) Home
d) Spelling

What tab is page break located
a) insert
b) page layout
c) paragraph
d) Home

This citation uses a Works Cited page
a) endnote
b) footnotes
c) parenthetical

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