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All paragraphs are
a) right aligned
b) left aligned
c) centered
d) justified

For an academic report, margins should be set on
a) top/bottom- 1 left/right- 2.5
b) top/bottom- 1 left/right- 2
c) top/bottom- 0.5 left/right- 2
d) top/bottom- 1 left/right- 1

I need to see where a paragraph ends and where a new paragraph begins
a) Show/Hide
b) Indent
c) Tab Key
d) Enter

Each paragraph is indented how far
a) 0.5 inches
b) 1.15 inches
c) 2.0 inches
d) 2.15 inches

Default line spacing
a) 1.0
b) 1.15
c) 2.0
d) 2.0

Line spacing of the academic report
a) 1.0
b) 1.15
c) 2.0
d) 2.5

The heading has the following
a) date, last name, first name, teacher name
b) your name, class name, teacher name, date
c) your name, teacher name, date, class name
d) your name, teacher name, class, date

What is in the header
a) name and page number
b) Last name and page number
c) page number and last name
d) nothing

What does MLA stands for
a) Microsoft Left Alignment
b) Modern Lang
c) Microsoft Language Association
d) Modern Language Association

The font and font size consists of
a) Calibri 11pt
b) Times New Roman 12pt
c) Times New Roman 11 pt
d) Calibri 12 pt

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