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What are ethics?
a) a universal, clear-cut standard of right and wrong
b) the rules we use to determine the right and wrong things in our lives
c) external rules the violation of which is punishable by society
d) absolute and unchanging rules

Which tracking technology involves pinpointing the location of a person?
a) network sniffing
b) cookies
c) Global Unique Indentifiers
d) cell phones/handheld computers with GPS

Which tracking technology involves coding identification numbers into both hardware and software?
a) Global Unique Indentifiers
b) network sniffing
c) cookies
d) cell phones/handheld computers with GPS

Cookies record information about all of the following except
a) IP addresses
b) computer operating systems
c) home addresses
d) URLs visited

What right of citizens do tracking systems threaten?
a) right to travel anywhere
b) right to free speech
c) right to be anonymous
d) right to bear arms

Which one of the following uses privacy statements in response to consumer demands for privacy protection?
a) government agencies
b) nonprofit organizations
c) commercial Web sites
d) consumer watchdog groups

What is the most common protocol used for secure servers?
a) Secure Sockets Layer
b) Encryption Server Security
c) Distributed Security System
d) E-Security Protocol

Which of the following is not a name of an FBI wiretap program?
a) Omnivore
b) Carivore
c) Herbivore
d) DCS1000

What act was enacted by Congress in 2001 and renewed in 2006?
a) USA Patriot Act
b) USA Homegrown Act
c) USA Safety Act
d) USA Homeland Act

What is the name of the protocol used today to protect the transmission of credit card data over the Web?
a) NSA
b) SSL
c) B2C
d) ATM

What group proposed a policy to prevent abuses of employee privacy?
a) American Civil Liberties Union
b) Drug Enforcement Agency
c) Central Intelligence Agency
d) Federal Bureau of Investigation

Gathering information on a person's lifestyle habits for the putpose of selling products is an example of a
a) commerical threat to privacy
b) government threat to privacy
c) workplace threat to privacy
d) consumer threat to privacy

It would be considered fair use of protected material to use which of the following without permission?
a) a young child's storybook
b) stanza of poetry
c) line from a poem
d) chapter from a novel

Which one of the following has made almost all of its Web sites fully accessible to persona with disabilities?
a) Apple Computer
b) America Online
c) U.S. Government
d) National Association of Nonprofit Organizations

An example of making computer hardware more accessible to people with disabilities is
a) greater capacity hard disks
b) the mouse
c) smaller keyboards
d) the sticky keys feature

How much money in lost productivity is bad software estimated to cost U.S. businesses each year?
a) $100,000
b) $100 million
c) $100 billions
d) $100 trillion

According to a recent United Nations Human Development report, what percentage of the population in developing countries has Internet access?
a) 5 percent
b) 15 percent
c) 20 percent
d) 25 percent

In 2008, which group led in Internet usage?
a) Caucasian Americans
b) African Americans
c) Hispanic Americans
d) Asian Americans

Who typically signs an acceptable use policy?
a) teachers and administrators
b) computer lab aides
c) parents and students
d) school board members

Which one of the following requires public schools to install Internet filtering software on their computers?
a) Child Filtering Protection Act of 2003
b) Child Pronography Prevention Act of 1996
c) Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
d) Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000

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