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The gently sloping submerged surface from the shoreline toward the shoreline toward the deep ocean is called
a) continental shelf
b) continental canyon
c) continental rise
d) continental slope

How much of the world\'s oil production currently comes from offshore regions
a) 75%
b) 50%
c) 10%
d) 30%

Seamounts are
a) only found in the Pacific Ocean
b) submarine canyons found near Australia
c) a special type of oceanic trench
d) volcanoes that form on the ocean floor

What was the name of the ship that conducted the first marine research?
a) HMS Challanger
b) SS Woods Hole
c) Alvin
d) The Enterprise

Mineral Rich water, heated by newly formed oceanic crust, escapes through cracks in the ocean floor called
a) hydrothermal vents
b) nodules
c) trenches
d) rifts

What technology do scientists use to measure ocean depth?
a) sonar
b) submersibles
c) rope
d) laser

Isolated volcanic peaks on the ocean floor are called
a) plateaus
b) ridges
c) nodules
d) seamounts

Biogenous sediment is made up of
a) minerals from land
b) mineral from the ocean
c) evaporative salts
d) shells and skeletons of marine organisms

Where does seafloor spreading occur
a) at convenrgennt plates
b) near the ocean surface
c) on seamounts
d) at divergent plates

When seawater evaporates, the concentration of salts increases until which of the following occurs
a) the salts condense
b) none of the answers are correct
c) the salts floaat
d) the salts precipitate our of the solution

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