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What do Christians, Muslims, and Jews have in common?
a) They all believe Jesus was the son of God
b) They all speak the same language
c) They all believe in one God

Which ethnic group has the largest number of people?
a) Kurds
b) Persians
c) Arabs

In which country do the majority of Persians live?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Afghanistan

What areas in the Middle East are sparsely populated?
a) Areas near water
b) Desert areas
c) Areas with oil

What is something in the same ethnic group share?
a) Same religion
b) Ability to move from country to country
c) Same language

What are the three main religious groups in the Middle East?
a) Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
b) Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity
c) Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam

What do people in the same religious group share?
a) Same language
b) Same belief about God
c) Similar physical features

What is the climate in most of the Middle East?
a) Hot and dry
b) Tropical and rainy
c) Moderate and cool

What is located near densely populated areas in the Middle East?
a) Low elevations
b) Access to water
c) Deserts

Which of the following is a cause of pollution in the Middle East?
a) Oil spills
b) runoff from fertilizer
c) factory waste
d) all of the above

Which countries in the Middle East region have gained the most money from oil?
a) Qatar, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Iraq
b) Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria
c) U.A.E., Afghanistan, Qatar, Iran

What is extraction?
a) The process of refining oil to a pure state
b) The process of removing oil from the ground
c) The process of desalting water

What does “standard of living” measure?
a) The average yearly income of a person in a country
b) The number of people that can read and write in a country
c) The general quality of life of a person in a country

How has oil affected the economic development of several countries in the Middle East?
a) Oil has made very little difference
b) Countries with oil reserves are much richer than countries without oil reserves
c) Countries with oil reserves have less money than countries with oil reserves

What is the main problem using desalination in the Middle East?
a) Most countries do not know how to use the technology
b) It is very expensive for the countries to use
c) Few countries in the Middle East have access to seawater

Saudi Arabia desalinates the most water in the Middle East.
a) True
b) False

What is desalination?
a) Removing salt and other chemicals from salt water to turn it into fresh water
b) Taking fresh water from the surface of the ocean
c) Turning fresh water into salt water

The Euphrates River goes through Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.
a) True
b) False

What is a problem caused by dams in countries that share rivers in the Middle East?
a) Dams reduce the water that is available to countries further down the river
b) Few countries have the technology needed to be able to build dams
c) Countries in the Middle East are not allowed to build dams along shared rivers

What two religions share the goal of salvation?
a) Islam and Christianity
b) Judaism and Christianity
c) Islam and Judaism

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