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What is an adaptation?
a) the process by which an organism finds food
b) the way in which organisms interact with their environment
c) a special characteristic which helps and organism survive in its environment
d) the way an organism is colored

Which of the following adaptations is an example of camouflage?
a) the ability to run very fast
b) being the same color as the tree trunk on which the organism lives
c) having sharp spikes on its skin
d) having very sharp teeth

A bird eats and earthworm. Which of the following BEST describes the earthworm?
a) producer
b) prey
c) predator
d) carnivore

A special characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment is called what?
a) a development
b) a mimic
c) an adaptation
d) a survival stratedy

Habitat reduction is a way in which
a) humans can have an impact on the environment
b) humans can conserve natural resources
c) humans use land for hiking and fishing
d) humans put polluntants in the air

Which of these is the demand for a resource by two or more organisms?
a) adaptation
b) competition
c) survival
d) limited resource

Which term describes the gradual change of an ecosystem?
a) competition
b) adaptation
c) succession
d) land development

Which of these adaptations protects and organism from its predators?
a) fins
b) spines
c) claws
d) beak

What is deforestation?
a) clearing land for the construction of new homes
b) using paper products in a business
c) clearing a forest to use trees for lumber
d) polluting a forest

Which of these BEST describes what happens when there is an increase of nutrients in the soil?
a) It can be good for the organisms that live in the area.
b) It may harm an ecosystem by increasing the growth of one type of plant.
c) It allows more organisms to survive.
d) It has no effect on an ecosystem.

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