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If a diplod cell with 78 chromosomes undergoes Meiosis, the resulting haploid cell will contain
a) 39 chromosomes
b) 78 chromosomes
c) 46 chromosomes
d) 23 pairs of chromosomes

What is an alternate form of a gene?
a) centromeres
b) phenotypes
c) alleles
d) gametes

Due to independent assortment, the possible allelic combinations of the dihybrid cross of TtGg are
a) Tt, Gg only
b) TG, Tg, tG, tg
c) T, t, G, g
d) TT, tt, GG, gg

What type of inheritance is exhibited when a red flower plant and a white flower plant produce a pink plant
a) incomplete dominance
b) codominance
c) inbreeding
d) polygenic inheritance

A trait that is controlled by four alleles exhibits
a) homologous alleles
b) autosomes
c) hybridization
d) multiple alleles

Normal humans have 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of
a) alleles
b) sex chromosomes
c) polygenes
d) genes

An animal that exhibits fur of two different colors exhibits
a) incomplete dominance
b) polygenic inheritance
c) codominance
d) multiple alleles

Which is an example of polygenic inheritance
a) eye color
b) skin color
c) height
d) eye color, skin color, and height

Blood types are a result of what type of inheritance?
a) sex-linked
b) multiple allelic
c) polygenic
d) simple dominant

Most human genetic disorders are caused by
a) recessive alleles
b) one dominant allele
c) sex-linked inheritance
d) two dominant alleles

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