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A ___________ is a group of formatting option that you apply to an entire document
a) themes
b) format
c) style
d) shape

Themes are composed of color, fonts, and ...
a) effects
b) styles
c) formats
d) layouts

themes are found under which tab?
a) page layout
b) home
c) insert
d) view

you can change elements of a theme individually (change the font without changing colors)
a) true
b) false

page borders and themes are both found under the same tab
a) true
b) false

the preview of your page border is found on which side of the borders and shading dialog box?
a) right
b) left
c) bottom
d) top

borders can be applied to single paragraphs as well as full pages
a) true
b) false

_____________ are snippets of text that you can save and then add to any document
a) quick parts
b) live preview
c) character effects
d) header

Which of the following would most likely be used as a quick part
a) business address
b) clip art picture
c) a word document
d) a chart showing 2012's sales numbers

if you want to lead a reader's eye from left to right, which would you use?
a) tab leader
b) columns
c) paragraph
d) tab stop

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