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What does trabajar mean?
a) Play
b) Work
c) Sing
d) Cry

Me gusta escuchar musica.
a) I love music to listen to.
b) MetalStep is baest.
c) I like to listen to music.
d) I love to hear music.

Kennedy le gusta jugar videojegos.
a) Kennedy likes videogames.
b) Kennedy likes swimming.
c) Kennedy like baseball.
d) Kennedy like dancing.

Pasar tiempo con amigos.
a) Eating tacos with friends.
b) Spending time with friends.
c) Screaming at friends.
d) Playing games with or without friends.

Ethan le gusta leer? (Bonus)
a) No
b) Don't click this
c) Maybe
d) Yes

In the morning
a) De la manana
b) De la tarde
c) De la noche
d) Y la media

Abrir un regalo.
a) Open a gift.
b) Host a party.
c) Put on a hat.
d) Study for the spanish test.

Yo soy aprender espanol.
a) I am understanding Spanish.
b) I am aprender espanol.
c) I am learning Spanish.
d) I am learning espanol.

No me gusta nadar.
a) I don't like.
b) No, i do like swimming.
c) I don't not like swimming.
d) I don't like swimming.

Que te no cantar?
a) Why don't you like to sing?
b) You do not sing?
c) Did you used to sing?
d) Why did you hate singing?

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