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The level of the surface of the ocean is described as _____.
a) ocean tides
b) sea level
c) elevation
d) seascape

The _____ of a river is the place where river empties into a larger body of water.
a) mouth
b) source
c) sea level
d) gulf

A _____ is an area of high, flat land.
a) source
b) mountain
c) plateau
d) landform

A _____ is a river or stream that flows into a larger river.
a) tributary
b) source
c) sea level
d) plateau

A _____ means one of the shapes that makes up Earth's surface.
a) landform
b) mainland
c) land grant
d) hemisphere

What are the two major landforms that cover most of the eastern United States?
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain and Pacific Coastal Plain
b) Great Lakes and Appalachian Mountains
c) Interior Plains and Rocky Mountains
d) Atlantic Coastal Plain and Appalachian Mountains

The _____ are the oldest mountains in North America.
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Great Lake Mountains
d) Olympic Mountains

The Appalachian Mountan chain stretches for over _____ miles.
a) 1,000
b) 1,500
c) 100
d) 599

The Appalachian Mountains stretch from _____
a) New Jersey to New York
b) Florida to California
c) Alabama to Canada
d) Alabama to Georgia

The eastern part of the Interior Plains is knnown as _____.
a) The Great Plains
b) The Central Plains
c) The Rocky Plains
d) The Atlantic Coastal Plain

A mighty river, the _____, runs through the middle of the Interior Plains
a) Mississippi
b) Delaware
c) Hudson
d) Nile

The Mississipp River system includes the _____.
a) Delaware, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers
b) Ohio, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers
c) Ohio, Delaware, and Hudson
d) Hudson, Missouri, and Arkansas

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