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Example of a good proportion ratio is
a) 5:5
b) 2:3
c) 1:100
d) 1:1

A set of canisters arranged from large to small is an example of which principle?
a) gradation
b) variety
c) Radation
d) proration

Placing a small lamp on a large side table is an example of not following which principle?
a) scale
b) emphasis
c) variety
d) proportion

One common mistake is to use different decorating styles in each room of a small home.
a) true
d) false

A repeating pattern such as in wall paper or a design in floor tile is and example or which principle?
a) variety
b) emphasis
c) balance
d) rhythm

Chairs arranged around a circular table are an excellent example of which type of rhythm?
a) circular
b) repetition
c) radiation
d) gradation

The golden rectangle is a rectangle that has sides in a ratio of:
a) 2:3
b) 5:10
c) 1:100
d) 1:1

The key to creating good designs is planning, not just the ability to define and use the principles of design.
a) true
b) false

Using two small objects to balance one large object is what type of balance?
a) symmetrical
b) static
c) asymmetrical
d) poor

Putting a small chair in a child’s room is an example of which principle?
a) proportion
b) scale
c) balance
d) variety

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