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Which of the following do humans get from eating fats?
a) lipids
b) DNA
c) RNA
d) glucose

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
a) adapt to change
b) take in oxygen
c) made of cells
d) respond to stimuli

If you reach out and touch a dog's ear while he's sleeping it twitches. This is an example of
a) a response to a stimulus
b) natural selection
c) artificial selection
d) reproduction

In winter many dogs grow a thick coat of fur. This is an example of
a) reproduction
b) adapting to change
c) genetic engineering
d) artificial selection

Human genetic traits are controlled by
a) nucleic acids
b) lipids
c) glucose
d) monosaccharides

DNA is a type of
a) lipid
b) nucleic acid
c) starch
d) protein

The structure of hair is formed by keratin. Keratin is most likely which of the following polymers?
a) nucleic acid
b) lipid
c) starch
d) protein

Which of the following would most likely contain carbon?
a) trees
b) uranium
c) water
d) salt

Which of the following do humans NOT get from food?
a) lipids
b) boric acid
c) protein
d) starches

Many plants have a waxy cuticle to prevent them from losing water. This is made of
a) lipids
b) nucleic acids
c) starches
d) protein

Which of the following best describes the function of enzymes in biological systems?
a) Enzymes are the monomers of glucose
b) Enzymes act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions
c) Enzymes are amino acids that form DNA
d) Enzymes make up cell membranes

Which of the following is NOT a living organism?
a) a muscle cell
b) an ameoeba
c) a rosebush
d) an earthworm

What characteristic do all living things share?
a) They are mobile
b) They give off carbon dioxide
c) They have a brain
d) They are made of cells

To be considered a living thing, an organism must be able to
a) produce oxygen.
b) increase in size.
c) adapt to change.
d) move independently.

In order to be considered a living thing an organism must
a) create a stimulus.
b) reproduce asexually.
c) be made of cells.
d) have a heartbeat.

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