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How did humans use rocks in the past?
a) To play sports
b) To tell time
c) To write
d) To make tools

Which of the following does NOT cause magma to form?
a) An increase in pressure on rock
b) A rise in temperature in rock
c) A change in composition in rock
d) A decrease in pressure on rock

Sedimentary rock is formed through the process of
a) cementation
b) stratification
c) erosion
d) foliation

What has to increase for metamorphism to occur?
a) Weathering and erosion
b) temperature and pressure
c) melting and cooling
d) compaction and cementation

Besides weathering and erosion, what other forces chape the Earth's features?
a) deposition and uplift
b) exfoliation and foliation
c) cementation and melting
d) composition and texture

When magma cools quickly, what kind of texture does rock have?
a) coarse-grained
b) large-grained
c) medium-grained
d) fine-grained

What are the main categories of sedimentary rock?
a) extrusive and intrusive
b) clastic, chemical and organic
c) felsic and mafic
d) foliated and nonfoliated

When temperature and pressure change, what can happen to the miners in the rocks?
a) They stay the same.
b) They fragment and loosen
c) They bind closer together
d) They change into other minerals.

During the rock cycle, what forms when magma cools?
a) igneous rock
b) sedimentary rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) foliated rock

What do scientists call the rock that is formed when magma cools below the Earthh's surface?
a) Extrusive igneous rock
b) Intrusive igneous rock
c) Eruptive Rock
d) Volcanic Rock

What kind of metamorphic rock has its mineral grains arranged in planes or bands?
a) extrusive
b) foliated
c) nonfoliated
d) intrusive

Besides texture, how else are rocks classified?
a) By the amount of foliation
b) By their grain size
c) by their grain shape
d) by their composition

The process in which rocks change shape is called
a) deformation
b) deposition
c) composition
d) foliation

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