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The total amount of money outstanding on a loan.The original amount of the loan
a) Capital
c) penalty
d) Principal

net worth. property owned by a person, Bank account,Saving, Investments
a) Capital
b) Principal
c) ATM
d) Capacity

A fee charged for the use of credit
a) Finance Charge
b) Financial plans
c) Face value
d) debit card

an interest rate that remains constant over the entire term of the loan
a) Simple interest
b) Fixed Interest
c) Compound interest
d) Variable interest

________are charged for the use of money, usually expressed at an annual rate.
a) Interest rates
b) debit card
c) Unsecured
d) less risk

Credit cards are considered _________
b) less risk
c) revolving
d) penalty

Lamar believes that interest rates are going to fall in the near future and remain low for a considerable period of time. She should invest in:
a) Certificate of deposit
b) A long-term, fixed rate certificate of deposit
c) Fixed Interest
d) Interest rates

The principal amount of a bond that is repaid at the end of the term
a) Finance Charge
b) Face value
c) taxable
d) penalty

Most ________are issued with an interest rate that is fixed , and has the most predictable income?
a) Credit union
b) Variable Interest
c) Time value of money
d) Certificate of deposit

Interest earned only on the original amount or principal.
a) Compound interest
b) Simple interest
c) Fixed Interest
d) Variable interest

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