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a) What you are after you have a summer break.
b) To decide.
c) To tell in your own words.
d) To sum up.

a) To say something different.
b) What it's called when you jump from an airplane.
c) Put in different words.
d) quote.

a) To explain the meaning of.
b) Mrs. Kelly's job.
c) To make plain or define
d) To sum up.

a) To mention.
b) Put together.
c) Combine to form a new product.
d) To take or pull out.

a) To find value; judge.
b) Outline; follow.
c) The author's attitude or outlook.
d) To deduce; conclude.

a) Putting classified items into small groups.
b) Put together.
c) A similarity between like features of two things.
d) What i do to my clothes.

a) Buildings.
b) To hold up.
c) Organization of a text.
d) To sum up.

a) To find differences.
b) What happens to a butterfly.
c) To put forth ; to say.
d) An implied comparison.

a) Smile spelled wrong.
b) A direct comparison.
c) Find ;or point out.
d) Express clearly.

figurative language
a) Figures of speech used to make meaning clearer.
b) To talk funny.
c) A foreign language.
d) Put in different words.

a) Retell in detail.
b) To take apart or pull out.
c) Knowledge on which to base a belief.
d) Tell the facts,details.

a) Facts that support ideas.
b) Summing up of an argument or text.
c) A universal idea.
d) Fully and clearly expressed.

a) Find.
b) Playing with another person.
c) To find value or judge.
d) A mutual or reciprocal action.

a) Break it down into its parts.
b) To evaluate what someone does.
c) The girl named Anna lies.
d) To sum up.

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