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Cell Unit Test - Cell Structures, Cell Transport And Cell Processes. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Perfume molecules spreading throughout the room is an example of what type of transport?
a) Osmosis
b) Facilitated diffusion
c) Active transport
d) Diffusion

Which organelle is responsible for maintaining homeostasis?
a) Mitochondria
b) Cell membrane
c) Chloroplast
d) Cell wall

What is meant by CELL TRANSPORT?
a) The movement of cells from one place to another.
b) The movement of materials in and out of the cell.
c) The movement of materials within the cell.
d) The movement of materials as they are being pushed by the cell.

Generally speaking, what is the structure of the cell membrane?
a) A hard cellulose material.
b) A soft chitinous material.
c) Nucleic acids - DNA and RNA.
d) A phospholipid bilayer.

When placed in a HYPOTONIC solution, how does the water move?
a) Water rushes into the cell.
b) Water rushes out of the cell.
c) Equal amounts of water go in and out of the cell.

A hypotonic solution has _____ solute outside of the cell than inside.
a) More
b) Less
c) Same amount of

When placed in a HYPOTONIC solution, a cell will
a) Expand
b) Shrivel
c) Remain the same

When placed in a HYPERTONIC solution, a cell will
a) Expand
b) Shrivel
c) Remain the same

When placed in an ISOTONIC solution, a cell will
a) Expand
b) Shrivel
c) Remain the same

Which of the following does NOT describe active transport?
a) Requires the use of energy.
b) Includes endocytosis and exocytosis.
c) Includes facilitated diffusion.
d) Molecules move from low to high.

What is the movement of WATER across a selectively permeable membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration?
a) Facilitated diffusion
b) Active transport
c) Endocytosis
d) Osmosis

Facilitated diffusion is a type of ____ transport and requires the use of carrier _______.
a) Passive ; Proteins
b) Active ; Proteins
c) Passive ; Carbohydrates
d) Active ; Carbohydrates

Which term refers to substances moving across a membrane without the use of energy?
a) Exocytosis
b) Facilitated Diffusion
c) Passive Transport
d) Active Transport

Which process REQUIRES energy?
a) Diffusion
b) Osmosis
c) Endocytosis
d) Facilitated Diffusion

During passive transport, particles move along the concentration gradient. This means that they travel from a _____ concentration to a _____ concentration.
a) Low ; High
b) Hypertonic ; Hypotonic
c) High ; Low
d) Hypotonic ; Hypertonic

Which method of transport is utilized in the movement of materials INTO or OUT of the cell?
a) Active Transport
b) Passive Transport
c) Both Active and Passive Transport

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