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Plasmodium is a protozoan that carries malaria. Which organism is known to carry this protozoan?
a) mosquito
b) flea
c) tick
d) rodent

Why can a person catch a cold many times?
a) Changes in weather conditions can cause a person to get a cold.
b) People do not develop an immunity to viruses and can be infected by the same virus again and again.
c) There are many kinds of viruses that cause colds and the person may be infected by different viruses each time.

Which best describes the size of a virus compared to the size of bacteria?
a) Bacteria are small, while viruses are larger.
b) Bacteria are large, while viruses are larger.
c) Bacteria are small, while viruses are smaller.

Which epidemic could best be treated by antibiotics?
a) flu
b) cholera
d) smallpox

Why is the prevention of epidemics usually easier than the prevention of a pandemic?
a) The diseases in an epidemic are less severe than in a pandemic.
b) Affected individuals in epidemics are usually more concentrated in one area than in pandemics.
c) Diseases causing pandemics are more contagious than diseases in an epidemic.

Which best describes how an outbreak of cholera begins?
a) A bacterial organism contaminates the drinking water of a community.
b) An infected mosquito penetrates the skin of several humans, causing them to contract the disease.
c) Fleas bite animals and humans causing the disease to spread.

If a monkey is a vector for an infectious disease, which best describes how it transmits into the human population and becomes an epidemic?
a) The monkey shares food.
b) The monkey bites a human.
c) The monkey inhales contaminated drops from the air.

Which is the best requirement for viruses to reproduce?
a) The virus must be inside a living cell.
b) The virus must produce a toxin.
c) The virus must be a pathogen.

Which has had the greatest impact on preventing epidemics in the twenty-first century?
a) immunizations
b) new medicines
c) good hygiene

Which best explains why a contagious disease is likely to become an epidemic?
a) failure to follow safety rules when handling bacteria
b) lack of understanding as to how the disease is spread
c) creation of supergerms due to the overuse of antibiotics

Why is antimicrobial resistance a serious public health issue?
a) because of the limited availability of antibiotics to the public
b) because of the difficulty in educating the public on the topic of proper medication use
c) because of the increasing cases of antibiotic-resistant microbes related to hospital stays

What is most unique about E. coli?
a) It is a bacteria that causes illness in humans.
b) It is a bacteria that has caused outbreaks through contaminated food.
c) It is harmless in animals’ intestines, but if ingested may cause illness.

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