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When you collect data, one of the best ways to collect it is by putting it a
a) data table
b) data graph
c) data circle
d) conclusion

Which part of the scientific method explains what the scientist is doing to test the hypothesis?
a) experiment
b) collect data
c) question
d) conclusion

Which of the following is not part of a good conclusion?
a) experiment
b) claim
c) evidence
d) reasoning

The claim does which of the following?
a) Answers the question based on your data.
b) It provides the data.
c) It connects the science to the results.
d) It is a prediction on what is going to happen.

Data that supports your claim, is numerical, and has a minimum of three pieces of data best describes which of the following?
a) Evidence
b) Claim
c) Experiment
d) Reasoning

The items you are using in the experiment is the
a) materials
b) data
c) conclusion
d) hypothesis

When you graph the data you collected in your data table and look for patterns and trends you are doing which of the following?
a) analyzing the data
b) collecting the data
c) hypothesizing the data
d) making up the data

What should always go at the top of your graphs?
a) a nice drawing for Miss S. to enjoy.
b) A title explaining your graph.
c) The claim for your data.
d) Many numbers

A good claim includes all of these except
a) it uses the word because and includes your data.
b) It answers your question.
c) It is specific and doesn't include the data or evidence.
d) It is found at the beginning of your conclusion.

Which is a reason we should collect data from several trials (or groups of people) before making a claim?
a) Mistakes might be made the first time so we should try the experiment more than once.
b) Science experiments are always right the first time, so we don't need to spend time doing the experiment more than once.
c) Scientists like to waste time by doing lots of science experiments.
d) Science is always changing so we don't have time to collect data.

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