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Ecosystems.[print questions]

Relationship where one organism lives on or in a host and causes it harm.
a) Symbiosis
b) Mutualism
c) Commensalism
d) Parasitism

A species that is in danger of becoming endangered
a) Threatened
b) Endangered
c) Extinct
d) Symbiosis

Relationship that benefits both organisms
a) Mutualism
b) Parasitism
c) Symbiosis
d) Commensalism

The overlapping food chains in an ecosystems
a) Carnivore
b) Food Chain
c) Limiting factor
d) Food Web

Maximum population size that that the resources in an area can support
a) Carrying capacity
b) Limiting factor
c) Threatened Species
d) Symbiosis

Two organisms that have a relationship that helps one or both of them
a) Commensalism
b) Symbiosis
c) Parasitism
d) Limiting Factor

A species that is in danger of becoming extinct
a) Food Web
b) Endangered Species
c) Threatened Species
d) Population

Relationship that benefits one organism with no harm to the other organism
a) Endangered Species
b) Commensalism
c) Mutualism
d) Parasitism

Anything that controls survival of a population
a) Symbiosis
b) Mutualism
c) Limiting Factor
d) Carrying capacity

A species that has died out completely
a) Extinct
b) Limiting factor
c) Endangered
d) Threatened

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