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What is a secondary character?
a) A character that is not in the story very much.
b) A character that is in Middle School or High School.
c) A character that eats and drinks at restaurants.
d) A character that is fond of the number two.

What is Dialogue?
a) A conversation between two or more people.
b) A type of deodorant.
c) A way to get to a radio station.
d) A type of spinning or circling.

Motivation _______________________.
a) makes the character funny.
b) is how the character moves from place to place.
c) is the type of car the character drives.
d) explains the character's thoughts, feelings and actions.

What is an antagonist?
a) A character that is against the protagonist.
b) A character that is gone most of the time.
c) A character that is not seen.
d) A character that is known in real life.

What are two types of Characters?
a) Major and minor.
b) Tall and short.
c) Fat and thin.
d) Smart and not so smart.

What is a major character?
a) The character that IS the focus of attention.
b) The character that is NOT the focus of attention.
c) A static character.
d) An undeveloped character.

What is a protagonist?
a) The central character the reader can identify with.
b) A one celled form of life.
c) A person who loves playing tag.
d) A professional person.

What is the definition of character?
a) a person or animal in a story
b) direct characterization
c) indirect characterization
d) real life

If the author tells you what the character is like, he is using ___________
a) indirect characterization
b) direct characterization
c) real life
d) a person or animal in a story

Indirect characterization is ____________
a) Presenting the character's personality through actions.
b) Presenting the character's personality through what he/she says.
c) Presenting the character's personality by how other people relate to him.
d) All of these answers are correct.

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