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The trapping of heat near Earth's surface by gases is
a) global warming
b) greenhouse effect
c) pollution
d) recycling

This is the amount of carbon dioxide you use over time
a) carbon footprint
b) pollution
c) photochemical smog
d) acid rain

Nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide combine with water to form what type of pollution
a) photochemical smog
b) ozone
c) acid rain
d) burning fossil fuels

The ozone layer protects living things on Earth from
a) carbon dioxide
b) visible light
c) infrared light
d) UV rays

The study of natural processes in the environment and how humans affect them is called
a) conservation
b) resource management
c) environmental science
d) preservation

Exhaust fumes from cars are an example of
a) habitat destruction
b) exotic species
c) pollution
d) poaching

photochemical smog results from the interaction of pollutiants with
a) rainfall
b) sunlight
c) oxygen
d) water vapor

the contamination of Earth's land, water or air is called
a) pollution
b) extinctions
c) renewable resource
d) non renewable resource

Which of the following is considered a non renewable resource
a) trees
b) sunlight
c) corn
d) coal

This is a type of pollution that comes from an identifiable source
a) point source
b) non point source
c) acid rain
d) photochemical smog

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