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Temperate soil is
a) salty and thin.
b) fertile and has the most nutrients.
c) full of water.
d) the worst type of soil to grow plants.

An old river has
a) many meanders, a low gradient, and flows slowly.
b) few meanders, a high gradient, and flows fast.
c) few tributaries and a high gradient.
d) few tributaries and high erosive power.

Rich farming areas develop in
a) deltas.
b) tropical climates.
c) flood plains.
d) desert climates.

Erosion is
a) the breakdown of rock by mechanical (physical) or chemical means.
b) weak in a youthful river.
c) deeper in a mature river.
d) the removal and transport of surface material, such as rock and soil.

A watershed is
a) rock and soil that is deposited by streams.
b) an underground area of water storage.
c) the land drained by a river system, including the main river and all of its tributaries.
d) a fan shaped deposit near a large body of water.

What is the amount of open space between individual rock particles?
a) porosity
b) permeability
c) alluvium
d) impermeability

Nonpoint source pollution comes from many sources. What is an example of this?
a) factory drains.
b) runoff containing fertilizer.
c) sewer pipe.
d) oil refinery wastewater.

What is a measure of the change of elevation in a river?
a) gradient
b) load
c) discharge
d) erosion

Loam is soil that
a) is small particles of decayed plant and animal material.
b) fine-grained sediment deposited by wind.
c) contains equal amounts of sand, silt, and clay.
d) is the rock that is the source of the soil.

The source of soil is
a) horizon A.
b) bedrock.
c) parent rock.
d) topsoil.

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