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What stores information in a cell?
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) DNA
d) Cells

In what way is DNA like a book?
a) DNA has information organized with an kind of index.
b) DNA has stored information, that can be copied and passed on.
c) DNA has information wrapped in an identifying cover.
d) DNA has information that is periodically updated.

Because of base pairing in DNA, the percentage of
a) adenine molecules in DNA is about equal to the percentage of guanine molecules.
b) thymine molecules in DNA is about equal to the percentage of adenine molecules
c) adenine molecules in DNA is much greater than the percentage of thymine molecules.
d) cytosine molecules in DNA is much greater than the percentage of guanine molecules.

What structural problem prevents adenine from pairing with guanine?
a) The bases are both short.
b) They lack phosphate groups.
c) They lack the deoxyribose group.
d) The bases are both long.

Rosalind Franklin contributed to the understanding of DNA by
a) producing images of DNA molecules using X-rays.
b) figuring out that DNA strands form a double helix.
c) conducting experiments that showed which nucleotides are complementary.
d) finding that DNA was nucleic acid made up of a long chain of individual nucleotides.

Which of the following forms a base pair with thymine?
a) deoxyribose
b) adenine
c) guanine
d) cytosine

Which scientist(s) figured out that the shape of a DNA molecule is a double helix?
a) Hershey and Chase
b) Griffith
c) Watson and Crick
d) Franklin

Which of the following is a nucleotide found in DNA?
a) adenine + phosphate group + thymine
b) cytosine + phosphate group + guanine
c) deoxyribose + phosphate group + polymerase
d) deoxyribose + phosphate group + cytosine

Which of the following are purines?
a) adenine and guanine
b) cytosine and thymine
c) cytosine and guanine
d) adenine and thymine

What are the building blocks of a DNA molecule?
a) proteins
b) nucleotides
c) sugar
d) deoxiribose and phosphate

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