6th Grade-Observations, Question, Knowledge Probe, And Hypothesis Question Preview (ID: 15905)

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Which of the following is a good hypothesis?
a) If water is given to plants, then they will grow taller.
b) If moneys eat bananas on the moon, then the aliens will gobble them all up.
c) Dinosaurs are fun to study.
d) Why do scientists use the scientific method?

Which of the following is important to remember when writing a good scientific method question?
a) It needs to lead to more questions.
b) The answer should be easy to find in a book.
c) The question shouldn't require an experiment.
d) The question should be an if..then statement.

If different types of cereal are tested, then Cheerios has the most benefits for the heart. This is an example of which of the following:
a) hypothesis
b) question
c) research
d) observation

Which best describes a hypothesis?
a) It is an educated prediction or guess.
b) It describes what is going on in the experiment.
c) It is a question that can't be answered.
d) It doesn't use any background knowledge.

Which two words should a good hypothesis include?
a) if...then
b) if...because
c) first...second
d) now...then

Which of the following is an inference?
a) The elephant jumped into the paint and got covered then walked around his cage.
b) The liquid looks blue in color.
c) The elephant is blue and shiny.
d) The blue footprints are everywhere in the cage.

A good scientific method question should include all of the following except:
a) The answer can be found easily in a book or on the Internet..
b) The question requires a test or experiment.
c) The question is specific or detailed.
d) The question uses background information.

Which best describes a quantitative observation?
a) purple cheetahs
b) some onions
c) round ladybugs
d) happy students

What are the two types of observations we discussed in class?
a) quantitative and qualitative
b) good and bad
c) quantitative and hypothesis
d) inference and qualitative

Which best describes a qualitative observation?
a) red car
b) 17 skittles
c) many students
d) 8 million miles

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