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Why do geographers use a satellite image?
a) To make inferences about a place.
b) To learn more about a place's landforms and climate.
c) To see what a place looks like from space.
d) All of the above

All of the following describe a map EXCEPT...
a) A map is a sphere.
b) A map can show the location of countries.
c) A map has a title.
d) A map has a key or legend.

What does an elevation map tell us?
a) How high or low the land is in a place.
b) The climate of a place.
c) How a place makes money.
d) How many people live in a place.

What does a population map tell us?
a) How many people live in a place.
b) The types of landforms a place has.
c) How high or how low the land is in a place.
d) How a place makes money.

What does a climate map tell us?
a) The average weather of a place.
b) The day-to-day weather of a place.
c) The elevation of a place.
d) The amount of people living in a place.

What do the colors on a physical map show us?
a) Green=low elevation, brown=higher elevation
b) Green=higher elevation, brown=lower elevation
c) Green=rainy climate, brown=drier climate
d) Green=drier climate, brown=rainy climate

When would be a good time to use a map?
a) When taking a road trip.
b) When learning about the economy of a place.
c) When determining the distance between one place and another.
d) All of the above.

Which of the following is NOT true of globes?
a) They show the climate of a place.
b) They are spheres.
c) They are a model of earth on a small scale.
d) They show countries and capital cities.

What does elevation mean?
a) How high or how low something is.
b) Elevator.
c) The amount of people.
d) The average weather.

What does a geographer study?
a) Land and the ways humans interact with the land.
b) Dinosaur fossils.
c) Birds.
d) Rocks.

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