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A pharaoh who was able to ________ Egypt's power and glory was Ramses II.
a) restore
b) monument
c) incense
d) reign

Many pharaohs built a _______ in honor of themselves.
a) monument
b) incense
c) c
d) reign

A trade good that was burned for its good smell was _______.
a) incense
b) exchange
c) reign
d) construction

Egyptian merchants traveled in order to _______goods with other people.
a) exchange
b) reign
c) construction
d) statue

After his _______ was over, an Egyptian pharaoh was buried in a grand tomb.
a) reign
b) construction
c) statue
d) relief

The Middle Kingdom was a time of great _______ of new temples and otehr buildings.
a) construction
b) statue
c) relief
d) tribute

One art form the Egyptians enjoyed was the _______ , a lifelike carving.
a) statue
b) relief
c) tribute
d) prosperous

Nations that Egypt conquered had to pay _______ to their new masters.
a) tribute
b) prosperous
c) restore
d) monument

In Egyptian tombs and temples, artists might carve a _______ on a flat wall.
a) relief
b) tribute
c) prosperous
d) restore

During the Middle Kingdom, Egypt became more _______ than ever.
a) prosperous
b) restore
c) monument
d) incense

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